This style of making ice cream, originated in Thailand under the name "Thai rolled ice cream" or "stir-fried ice cream" (I-Tim-Pad) in 2009.  It progressively became popular as a Thai street food with vendors mixing and chopping their homemade ice cream base and fresh ingredients, such as fruits on a -30 degree Celsius cold pan. Once the mixture becomes the right texture (gelato-like), the "ice cream artist", as named at Rollie Rolls, would spread the ice cream thinly, and then scrape the rolls into their shapes. Rolled ice cream first became popular to Thailand's surrounding countries and caught the attention of many, through tourist videos and YouTube. The United States picked up on the trend around 2015. Rollie Rolls was established in August of 2019. Fortunately, as a small business, and thanks to our loyal customers, Rollie Rolls was able to survive the 2020 pandemic, and continue to grow! Rollie Rolls has also incorporated the popular Taiwanese Boba milk teas, Hong Kong waffle puffs, and much more!